Http error 500


I’m new here. I’m using bluehost hosting, and I changed my nameserver to the ones that were generated from Cloudflare setup. The setup promised that the website won’t have any downtime, but since then, my website is down. my website is Can you please help me with that?

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Hi, this page error isnt from Cloudflare, it is from Bluehost.

As you can see, your domain still using bluehost’s DNS in most part of world (DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool).

Just wait a little bit more, sometimes take a little bit for propagate.

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Thank you, Gustavo for your quick reply.

The problem is that I thought it won’t go down, and now I’m losing a huge bunch of traffic :expressionless:

Most likely because your hosting is s**t. I believe that they turned off your website once you issued delegation to Cloudflare. Confirm with them.

@meuo80 I just went to your site and it loaded fine. Anything you changed to solve the issue?

Thank you Komar. I gave them a call and realized the www record was wrong. I don’t know why, but I fixed it and it’s working now.

I fixed the www record, and I’m getting the website back.

after that, the smart support changed the url from http:// to https:// resulting in another downtime. They keep saying it will be back within minutes, but I don’t trust them.

edit: we realized the problem is from Cloudflare. The DNS records reverted back to point to another place other that it is supposed to do. I changed it and the website now is working fine with SSL is turned off. If I go to flexible, the website seems broken with https.

edit 2: the DNS records reverted back without my interference, resulting in website downtime. It keeps changing from the ip to every hour. can you please help me with this?

How did you setup the website in Cloudflare’s panel? Try using:
A points to
CNAME www is an alias of

(Edited: thanks @anon13938084)
Something is wierd in your config.

If this problem persists, I highly recommend you to direct contact Cloudflare by using their support tool. They have access of your account and can help you better. Please, do not share your IPs or any other personal information here.

Error 500 means, Internal server error. Most common reasons are -

A) wrong code in the .htaccess file
To verify, updates default .htaccess

B) Any kind of bad coding from theme side.

You can check once your logs file.

As far I know, Cloudflare never provide this kind of CDN path. It works as a reverse proxy without any changes in the URL.

It would be better if you contact once to Cloudflare support team.

The question is: why does Cloudflare revert back to the previous setup?

I tried to contact the support, but they didn’t reply back

If its happening everytime, delete your website in Cloudflare panel and add it again and do the setup again. Note that isnt needed to rollback your DNS, just delete the website in Cloudflare and add again.


I believe this is incorrect configuration as there is no A record.

A very basic config should look something like this:

As @GustavoM mentioned, deleting the site in the Cloudflare panel and recreating it is also an option…


I just recreated it, so let’s see how it will work

I just checked your website and it appears to be working with the correct DNS. DNS appears to be mostly done propagating based on the results of that link.

Have you ‘orange-clouded’ your DNS records in the Cloudflare panel like in the screenshot I posted (status column) to utilize the CDN, or are you bypassing that and just using Cloudflare for DNS? You can do either one - I’m just curious.

Hopefully things are going smoother now and you’re not experiencing too much downtime after recreating your site :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Andy for your support and care. It’s orange clouded, but it’s still changing. I think it’s not about the Cloudflare, but it’s the bluehost hosting, as I previously installed Cloudflare from thier side, then I inactivated it and installed it manually. It looks like there are still some influence in there.

Oh not a problem - this community is all about helping each other after all :grinning:

I’m not too familiar with bluehost, but in my experience hosting-provider Cloudflare integration can sometimes complicate things, as it can be unclear where you should be focusing on making your changes.

I used A2 hosting for a while for 1 of my sites and they had some Cloudflare integration (and Railgun), but I’ve sense moved off A2 completely for that site, though sometimes I see in the Cloudflare panel that Railgun has been turned back on for that site - weird :confused:

I deleted all the settings in bluehost and Cloudflare, reset Cloudflare and recreated dns records. It’s all working fine so far.

Btw, do you know can I get my website new ips?

I’m not sure on that. My assumption is that bluehost has assigned you a static IP for your web server. You may have to contact them if you need to change it.