HTTP Error 404

When i transfer my website to Cloudflare it show me HTTP Error 404

yes before transfer to cloudflare my website is working fine…

What’s the domain?

yes on https

Make sure your SSL/TLS mode here is set to Full (Strict).

If you need any more assistance, please post the domain name.

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on mobile it shows this error

The origin looks good. Can you confirm that your SSL mode here is Full (Strict)?

Next step would be to toggle that DNS entry to :grey: DNS Only and wait five minutes before testing again.

yeah it is on Full (Strict)

DNS was :orange: i just set DNS entry to :grey:

its working :white_check_mark:

but how i hide my server ip

Your site certainly is functional on its own. Go ahead and :orange: Proxy it and open a ticket: support AT cloudflare DOT com
And post the ticket number here so someone can take a look at it soon.

I make a ticket 2 days before :point_right: request (#2231296)

but i didn’t get any response yet

When did you transfer your website to Cloudflare? It looks like it was using Cloudflare from about 4 months ago. It was fine all that time?

yeah i tried Cloudflare 4 month ago. but i that time i didn’t know how to do setup in cloudflare then i move it back to my website hosting DNS
4days ago i transferred again in cloudflare

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