HTTP doesn't work but HTTPS yes

Hello guys, i have a little problem i think. I don t know why my http don’t work but https yes. my website working but or don t work.
P.S: the don’t work aswell. only the

And i think this problem it’s from here:

When I click it redirects to, so even if http-version does not work, we can’t check it.

It’s probably a good idea to always redirect to HTTPS, unless you need something to be hosted on HTTP.

hmm, redirector does not work for me, although, yes, now I use redirector from “page rules”. But for me it doesn’t work from my browser and I cleared cache. for me work only with https://www

P.S: On my mobile phone works how i said you, with redirect, but on PC not

Perhaps you would like configure your web server to redirect to HTTPS?

You could for example set .htaccess rules for Apache.

I have redirect from http to https but from my pc does not work… (only from my pc)

Sounds like a browser caching issues to me.

i cleared the cache, and i tried from opera, microsoft edge and google chrome, all have the same proble. :-??

For starters, your issue is unrelated to the screenshot you posted.

Second, what does not work? Post a screenshot.

For me it all works

This site cannot be accessed replied too late.

check the connection;
check the proxy and firewall;
Run Windows Network Diagnostics;

That would suggest a DNS propagation issue.

Simply wait a couple of hour, additionally you can try to flush any DNS caches.


The http -> https redirect is definitely working, and as long as your https website is working, you are good. You can check on pingdom and see that is redirects correctly:

As mentioned by @sandro, some DNS propagation issue, either with your browser or ISP network, which will eventually resolve.

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