Http ddos blocking

Hi. I have a problem with ddos protection.
I have own server under cloudflare on java. Java server has opened port.
When I close port or restart java server client is continuing to connect. But after 1-2 minutes cloudflare enables http ddos and my client software can not connect to my server for 30 minutes. i don’t have such rules, but i have the rule that means 'don not block when i connect to X port via subdomain". But it doesnt work. First my rule works successfully, but after cloudflare runs http ddos rule and block my clients. I have attached picture. How can i disable cloudflare ddos protection fully in this situation?

If you have a single server, with a specific IP, the easiest way would be to simply whitelist the IP, from the IP Access Rules in the Firewall tab -> Tools.

No. I have a lot of clients that can connect to my server. server is under Cloudflare. I can not add all client to white list

will somebody help me? please)

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