HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP not returning real ip!

I am trying to get real IPs of my visitors using HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP.

it works fine for ipv4 users but for most users return ipv6 like this:
I googled and find out it is Cloudflare’s IP.

why Cloudflare do not replace it with real one?

also ipv6 is disabled server and in Cloudflare network setting IPv6 Compatibility is disabled and can not change it! and there is no AAAA record in DNS.

This is likely a user accessing via Cloudflare Warp, although I think their hidden .onion service ends up delivering IPv6 addresses too.

I thought wrap do not hide IPs?

Originally it wasn’t consistent about it. It’s now privacy preserving in terms of the origin IP (but it does reveal general location via geo-IP).

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