HTTP and WebSocket are not responding

With proxy mode, static file downloads deployed using Nginx are normal, but HTTP or Websocket requests cannot be responded to and no requests are received on the source server.

Did you turn on WebSockets at ?


Thank you for asking.

Are you trying to run ws over HTTPS? :thinking:

What errors do you see in the Developer Console (F12) of your Web browser?

I’d like to get your attention on:

  1. Make sure there is a valid SSL certificate or use Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate
  2. Make sure the SSL/TLS option is set to “Full Strict SSL”
  3. Make sure WebSockets feature is enabled at Cloudflare dashboard
  4. Use WSS scheme

Regarding Nginx, are you using some kind of proxy or port forwarding service? Kindly, feel free to check below article which ports are supported and compatible with the Cloudflare proxy mode :orange: :

Otherwise, I’d suggest you to change the port to one of the supported and compatible, or else maybe it can be done by using Cloudflare Spectrum - but that might cost you

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