HTTP and SSL options to choose when SSL already there?


I am a novice in this field and trying to set up Cloudflare CDN for a small business with the objective of mainly speed optimisation. The website- has both the domain and hosting (Managed Wordpress) with Godaddy and came with the SSL certificate. But while configuring the free Cloudflare account, I am confused about the below points and would appreciate the experts’ advice on the same:

  1. Automatic HTTPS Rewrites and Always use HTTPS: Do I need to enable these options when the website already has the SSL/HTTPS that came with the hosting?

  2. SSL/TLS: should it be Full or Full(strict) considering the existing SSL with Godaddy hosting?

Thank you very much for your help in advance

  1. Yes. As the site is configured for HTTPS, you want to make sure all requests are steered in that direction.
  2. Full (Strict). Strict means you have a valid certificate on your server, which you do. Full would accept an invalid certificate, which is not very secure.
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Thank you very much!

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