Http and https both working now

Hello , thank you responding, so quickly it was just a matter of time for settings to update both http and https are working thanks again for your replies.

Ive noticed quite a few bugs within the cloudflare website, now it seems i have yet another issue. I have setup my cloudflare account in the correct way, detected my domain, changed the name servers at my registrar to the assigned cloudflares i was given, I then waited for my cloudflare name servers to become active. Once active i created an A record to point to my ip address. Left my ssl settings on flexible as i do not have an ssl cert installed n my server. Turned off automatic https rewrites and also turned off always use https, i didnt create a page rule to always use https, so i wanted both options http and https to be offered from the cloudflare proxy, but it is redirecting me to https in a browser when i type http. A friend of mine has exactly the same settings as me and he has both options it stays on http in a browser doesnt get redirected. Can someone explain to me why mine isnt doing the same? Or is this a bug ive found?

I was not able to replicate this on your site.

I believe the 301 redirect to HTTPS response has been cached in your browser.

Try Ctrl+Shift+R to force refresh, or try open your site in incognito mode (or InPrivate Windows in Edge)

Hello its fine now just needed longer to resolve both are working thank you

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