HTTP 526 when Port Forwarding is used (OK when using UPnP)

Hi there,

I have a subdomain running through CF’s proxy and pointing to my home IP using a DDNS service. My NAS is running a reverse proxy. If I open the port on my router using UPnP I can access the service - no problem. However, if I disable UPnP and instead set up Port Forwarding to the same exact IP and Port, I get an HTTP 526 from CF (I am in “Strict” TLS/SSL mode)

I didn’t think it made a difference whether UPnP or Port Forwarding was responsible for routing the traffic, but apparently, it does.

Can someone explain why this is? I would prefer to disable UPnP for security reasons and manually manage routing traffic using Port Forwarding.


A 526 means SSL is not working at your end. Which ports does this involve?

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