Http 502 error after changing dns nameservers

I’ve just joined cloudfare and changed the DNS nameservers to:
And since then my website is down. i see an error Http 502 coming up.

Did your site work fine on HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

Hi, yes it did

What’s the domain?

The site currently loads fine on HTTP

but it doesn’t on HTTPS because you are missing the proxy certificate.

Can you post a full page screenshot of

Do your server IP address end in 165 and 188 respectively?

Attached as requested

That looks all right, the certificate is still pending.

But you’ll also need to fix the certificate on your server, see my previous response.

i dont know, how do i fix this?

how long does it take?

I am surprised because you confirmed that it worked on HTTPS.

You best pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right), then talk to your host to get your site fixed, and only once it loads fine on HTTPS, then you can unpause Cloudflare.

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if i pause cloudfare will i need to change the DNS again?

No, pausing is enough.

All right, pausing worked but your site is not working on HTTPS.

One server has a certificate but throws an error, the other does not have a certificate at all.

Now on to the next step.

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i just paused it and the website is back on.
so it seems like cludflare is the issue here, no?

What I just wrote.

And no, your site does not load →

its fixed now
should i just unpause the cloud flare?

I am afraid one of the addresses still does not respond. Unpause only once it really works.