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As I think, my Cloudflare DNS setting looks okay. It shows “Active” status.
Unfortunately, all my related site - domain site, Wordpress, Filezilla can not open showing “HTTP 500 internal server error”.
Could you check my setting and inform what is problem?
My site site

Much appreciate if some one could help me …

That error comes straight from your server. You need to contact your host about that.

Your server redirects to which then redirects to

Thanks sandro. :cowboy_hat_face:

I am checking with them now.

They say,
even though it is redirected to they can not check or do anything.
Because name server is controlled by and

My DNS setting is helpful?

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I am afraid the nameservers are of no relevance in this context. This redirect comes from your server. You can check this by pausing Cloudflare on the Overview page, which will pause Cloudflare and point all requests to your server (keep in mind this will reveal your IP address and you need to wait for propagation).

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Actually, your server initially does not send a proper redirect, but reloads the page via HTML.

<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='1;url=/wordpress' /><script type='text/javascript'>document.location.replace('/wordpress');</script>
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Thanks again sandro.

I need to look up dictionary for a while. Because I am very poor at this web hosting :sob:

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For starters, check if all the content you’d expect is properly in place on your server. Is that Wordpress redirect supposed to be there?

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Yes, all the content was properly in place before moving DNS to Cloudflare.

Around 2 months ago, I bought my domain together with small hosting service from same company
and filled with some content there through Filezilla.
I used Wordpress to make up my site.
All of them was fine. Now they are not opened.

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I am afraid thats something I cant answer. The issue is not Cloudflare related however, the redirects and the error come from your server directly.

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Yes, I think so although I am not sure.

Really appreciate sandro.
Have a wonderful day!

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Hi Sandro :cowboy_hat_face:

Previous name server company informed DB HOST name should be replaced, so I did.
At wordpress/wp-config.php
/** MySQL hostname */
//define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘’);
define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘’);

After that following happened

  1. Filezilla is accessible now by IP address instead of previously used ID(
    =>Thanks a lot.
  2. My website is opened well in Explorer, but in Chrome not all the images appear.
  3. My Wordpress admin page also shows text only and can not go to next page.
  4. My Wordpress and Wordpress admin login does not work.
    They say ID and password is wrong but I have not changed it ever.

Would you please help this?
I searched above matters for whole day, but can’t find anything.

Really appreciate if someone could help me.

The problem at this point is you dont have an HTTPS certificate on your webserver installed.

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