HTTP 404 on video thumbnails

Similar to the “Video not found for live stream” and "Cloudflare Stream thumbnail url 404 threads, I’m getting a 404 error when trying to display thumbnails for videos after getting a list of videos from Cloudflare Stream. The difference is that this doesn’t seem to be a cache or caching issue as I am attempting to access the thumbnails days after the videos were created with live-stream tests, long after any processing was done on the videos.

After getting the list of videos from GET[CLOUDFLARE_ACCOUNT]/stream/live_inputs/[STREAM_UID/videos , I’m grabbing information about each one and putting it into an easily accessible array, then just using it on a page that lists the videos. Unfortunately, my img tags are broken for every thumbnail. For example:

<img src="" width="100">

(The URL in case that img tag gets parsed in an attempt to render it is .)

I’m even getting 404s when just trying to load the URL in my browser directly. An empty image might be better than a 404 in my situation, but it doesn’t seem to be working at all. Any ideas?

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This is a known gap and we’re actively working on addressing it. It only occurs for live video recordings that have completed being live (so transitioned state from “live” to “ready”).

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That’s odd but good to know. Thank you!

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