Http 403 error from Bing crawl

Hello. I need help with our website. I was trying for many weeks to add our website to Bing Webmaster so that it would crawl it, for SEO basically. But failed. So I initially contacted Bing support and they mentioned contacting you guys instead since our site is hosted by you guys. Specifically, this is what they said: "I have started an investigation on this request. Have seen that your site URL doesn’t have any technical issues from Bing. But, it is getting crawl error from Bing.

Could you please check with your webhost team if they are blocking any Bingbot IP’s from their end?"

Could you please help us? Please see attached image for the specific error when I submit the site in Bing for indexing.

Because you opened a thread, and immediately used the MoreHelp flag.

Do you see any entries in the logs on the Cloudflare Firewall tab on the dashboard?
Do you have any firewall rules in place on the Cloudflare Firewall?


I checked the Firewall tab in our account and I do see entries.

Also checked if there are any firewall rules and there is none in it.

Is there something I can do? Like add specific firewall rules?

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