HTTP/3 (with QUIC) yes or no?

Hi there, I’m not so technical, but hope someone here can help. Should I enable HTTP/3 (with QUIC) for further speed improvement or are there any downsides I need to consider? Thanks!

It is not yet available by-default in any browser. So no end users. But by the end of september SAFARI 14 will be the first browser to support HTTP3 bydefault.

Super Thanks!

Current Firefox supports it if you enable network.http.http3.enabled in about:config

I know @user3011 said “by default”, so I’m cheating a bit. I found that toggle by checking for http3

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there is an issue if you enable network.http.http3.enabled in firefox. Google Adsense/Adx ads are not loading giving some sort of HTTPS error.

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OK! Thanks!

Google Ads now working with HTTP3 in Firefox.

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