HTTP/3 (with QUIC) is Enabled but No longer seeing HTTP/3 Connections

Recently HTTP/3 has been working perfectly on Firefox/Chrome and getting HTTP/3 - h3-27 as protocols when checking network tab.

Now when I check, I only see HTTP/2 - h2
Is this HTTP/3 feature under maintenance again?

Your feedback is appreciated.

When I check it, it again shows h3.
Please hardreload the page and then check again.

For further inspectation please post a screenshot and the related URL.


Hey @M4rt1n,
Thanks for your reply, the hard reload + cleared cache on both browsers and working again h3-29 and HTTP/3 confirmed.

I notice if I hard-reload on Firefox after its working, it defaults back to HTTP/2, weird.
But thanks again dude!

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