HTTP/3 - Why only for free plan?

I just got Cloudflare’s e-mail about support for HTTP/3, which included the line:

“We will only enable HTTP/3 on websites using our free plan. Websites on the Pro, Business or Enterprise plans will not be included in this change.”

The e-mail also stated:

“HTTP/3 is the newest version of the HTTP protocol. It enables faster, more reliable, and more secure connections to web endpoints like websites and APIs. In particular, data transfer of multiple files at the same time (which your browser does whenever it’s loading a website) on lossy connections and connection startup are improved.”

If HTTP/3 is faster and more secure than its predecessors, why would it be enabled only for the free plan? (I’ll admit that I’m a layman, but am I missing something obvious?)

Maybe my account is broken :wink: , but I see HTTP/3 in all of my plan zones, free and paid.

I think the email is stating that the free plan it will be automatically enabled where as the paid plans have the ability to enable it manually.


HTTP/2 is mandatory for free plans, but paid plans can disable it.
HTTP/3 looks to be off by default in all plans (for now, apparently), but can be toggled at any level.


That’s what I read as well.

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Personally, I’m concerned about the browsers support for http/3:

Who is going to manually enable the browser support for HTTP/3 ?

Nobody has to enable HTTP/3 in their browser. They can get along just fine with HTTP/2 until browsers enable it by default when they feel it’s safe to do so.

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If a site is using the Free Plan, and the HTTP/3 is enabled suddenly by default, the site will be visible on all current browsers by default?
Thank!! @sdayman

No. Only Safari 14 on Big Sur (in Public Beta) has HTTP/3 enabled by default. And most people won’t even notice the difference. Like me, for instance. I’ve been on Big Sur/Safari all day and didn’t even think to check if my connections were using HTTP/3 until just now.

Again, Whether someone is using HTTP/1.1, /2, or /3, your site will still work.


I get the message to.
and thanks for the info @sdayman

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