HTTP/3 protocol

HTTP/3 check tell me that on QUIC is supported, HTTP/3 is supported. However visiting my site and checking the protocol in safaris web inspector it’s communicating using h2. Even after a reload. What do I miss?

Safari doesn’t support http/3 unless you enable it under the experimental develop menu. "http/3" | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

Thanks @triboue for the fast reply.
I enabled the HTTP/3 in the experimental menu, but still no h3.
Earlyer I had a different domain with Caddy Go server with h3 so I think the issue is not at my side.
I also tried Chrome Version 109, still h2 for the image, css and html file.
I used http3check dot net to check HTTP/3 and QUCK. The host is gabor dot lizik dot hu. I also checked Cloudflare Network settings and HTTP/3 is on.

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