HTTP/3 not working when I active this option

Hello support,

I have a one problem. More specifically, HTTP/3 not working on my site when I activate this option on my Cloudflare panel.
My server has been set so that it works on HTTP/3 when I pause Cloudflare on my website. Unfortunately when I back active Cloudflare on my website HTTP/3 stops working.

Cloudflare does not support HTTP/3 to origin. You can connect HTTP/3 to Cloudflare and then HTTP/2 to your origin.


All right, but how can I enable HTTP/3 protocol for my clients in this situation? Since I have activated this service in my Cloudflare panel and it doesn’t give any results.

This is what I see when I test HTTP/3 on my site.

It reports that it is working on your www so my supposition is that you’re using a 3rd party partner for your root domain and their settings re: HTTP3 are enforced for the root.

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