Http/3 in Chrome 90


Chrome enabled http/3 bydefault. I thought give it a try on latest chrome 90 (Mac). I find sometime click on a link doesn’t respond or respond very slowly. Do you find such issue?

Can you check the developer console?
Any errors appear?

I saw similar behaviour on Mozilla Firefox Developer edition back few months ago when it was still “experimental”, and not yet available in “Beta/Nightly” edition as it currently is stated by the article below too as Chrome 90 has it:

I have to admit I haven’t tried and test later with HTTP/3 thing “enabled” in my Web browsers.

HTTP/2 is just enough for me and most users by now.

EDIT: That was a year ago when I tested it with my site and Revive AdServer, the errors popped-up in the console when I have had HTTP/3 enabled (while the Website is behind Cloudflare and HTTP/3 enabled with 0-RTT too), see the issue on the below article:

Are you sure it’s http/3 by default? I am pretty sure it is HTTPS by default with HTTP fallback. This means a small lag when clicking through a server that doesn’t have HTTPS support.

No error in developer console.

I m sure it is showing as h3-29 in network tab in developer tools.

HTTPS at server (origin) and at Cloudflare with TLS 1.3 (0-rtt)

any other suggestion?

why rocketloader javascript only load using http/2. It never load on http/3.

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