HTTP/2 with cloudflare on a non-http/2 host?




I was thinking of trying out http/2 but I’m confused as how this works. If I enable http/2 on cloudflare, does my host need to be http/2 enabled? I’m on name cheap which is not http/2, but if cloudflare is displaying my site then if it connects via http/2 it wouldn’t have anything to do with my host right? lol sorry if this is a dumb question.



When Cloudflare says they are supporting http/2, it means that their edge servers are supporting http/2.
Your server —http1.0/1.1/2.0—> Cloudflare edge — http/2 —> Visitor browser.

What this means is that resources that are cached on Cloudflare’s edge are loaded using http/2 while the remaining uncached resources depend on what your server supports.

Hope I’ve made it clear.


Not only what @edricteo said, but even if you have HTTP/2 on your server, I think Cloudflare uses HTTP/1 to connect. I believe I read that recently from one of the staff here on the forum.


Hey there,

The HTTP/2 specification is focused on improving the browser behavior at this point. Therefore we do not support SPDY or HTTP/2 between origin server and Cloudflare at this point. Instead we will always use HTTP/1.x. With this, it is not necessary to make any modifications to the origin for enabling HTTP/2 or SPDY.

On Chrome, open up the dev tools > network tab and enable the Protocol column:

Hope this helps!

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