HTTP/2 slowing down my site for about 2 seconds

Hey guys,
I’ve been trying to see why my mobile site was so slow even though my desktop site was blazing fast.

I ran some test on GTmetrix and see that My website takes 421ms to load HTTP 1.1(which looks decent), but HTTP/2 is taking 1.86-2.2seconds on loads.
My website:
I’ve tried to turn it off, but I’m not allowed. Is there anyway to figure out what is making it so slow or what could be done as an alternative to fix it?

Thank you

Hi @Ghost, great question, this post has some good context about http/2 and options, HTTP/2 greyed out

Hi @cloonan, yes, I know it is enforced on free users.
I was wondering what are the possible solutions, or what may be making http/2 so slow. What can be done?

The screenshot you provided shows

(1) a redirect that took 421.4ms. To avoid this redirect, you should always test with the canonical URL, in your case HTTPS and no www.; and
(2) a non-cached page, which has to be fetched at the origin.

There shouldn’t be much benefit of HTTP/2 just for that page, which makes me wonder, how did you test HTTP/1.1. Did you turn HTTP/2 off or did you pause Cloudflare?

With both Cloudflare and HTTP/2 on, CF will still nevertheless fetch from your origin using HTTP/1.1, and serve to the visitor using HTTP/2, and since your HTML page is not being cached (tough it could, search for “cache everything”), the time it takes to fetch that page shouldn’t change much if you test it with Cloudflare proxy on, but HTTP/2 off.

On a side note, you could shave some time if you benefit from HTTP/2 browser hints, specially preconnect for the third party sites you are using.

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