HTTP/2 Server Push not work with double quotes in headers (rfc5988)


Example 1

header('Link: </image.jpg>; rel=preload; as=image', false);

In Example 1 all work perfectly. In Chrome Network Tab we can see Response headers cf-h2-pushed

Example 2

header('Link: </image.jpg>; rel="preload"; as="image"', false);

In this example we surrounded values in header by double quotes. Now we have strange behavior. In Chrome Network Tab there aren’t any cf-h2-pushed headers. Server Push not work.

But according to the rfc5988 double quotes are allowed.

Recently Symfony introduce new WebLink component for preloading assets by HTTP/2 server push. This component creates Link HTTP headers with double quotes. So there is problem to use it with Cloudflare


Hi there,

I’ve picked this ticket up from you that you raised with the support team. I am having our edge team look into this.

I will let you know in the ticket and in this thread when this has been looked at and when a fix will be put in place.




I am also facing the issue right now. Any feedback from the team after the last message 6 months ago?