HTTP/2 Server Push doesn't work in Worker

To be clear, the worker itself is verified to be working, and it’s properly adding the right Link: header to pages. But the images it’s supposed to push are not pushing. I have verified this by looking in Chrome’s tools; on the network tab under indicator it should say Push, but it just says Other. Other pages that demonstrate server push are showing Push so I know it isn’t caused by a problem with Chrome. Server push isn’t working in firefox either.

Also this tool here: says it isn’t pushing anything.

I am on a free plan but I was under the impression that this feature has been made available on the free plan. Is server push no longer supported on the free plan? I can see that server push works on this other cloudflare site:

The way my code works, it adds the link header in the worker. The header is not added by the server. Would adding the link header on the server be the only way to accomplish what I’m after?

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