HTTP/2 Push vs HTTP/3 Push

Related to THIS article HTTP/3 should also be able to use “Server Push”.
But when I download the latest Chrome Canary build and activate HTTP/3 then I can not receive a Push from any CloudFlare site. Specially not mine.

So I made some screenshots to provide a bit more infos and some pics.



Now this can maybe be related to Chrome Canary, but as I’m not sure where this is not “implemented” I just want to create this Thread and maybe some of the devs can have a look at it or state why Push is not working with HTTP/3.

As soon as I switch to HTTP/3 no Initiator will show “Push / Other”. Also nothing gets pushed what you can see at the waterfall diagram.

I haven’t dug deep on this, but do the headers show anything? As I recall, the server sends the Link: header, then Cloudlfare pushes it and sends some sort of cf-push header instead of the Link: header.

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AFAIK, Cloudflare hasn’t implemented HTTP/3 server push as yet. You’d want to contact CF support and ask for clarification. @LucasCF might know more :slight_smile:

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Here you go.

HTTP/2 Header:

HTTP/3 Header:

Yes the Headers tells me the same.

I will thanks.

Done #1901513


It’s interesting that the pushed header specifically says h2. Maybe someday they’ll drop the h2 part, or add a separate h3 pushed header.

Just wanted to update this thread:

untill now no real answer, just the answer

We can confirm that this is not implemented.

I asked if it will be implemented somewhen and if yes when approximately. Hopefully they will implement it soon

Also a bit surprised that it is not documented that Server Push is not available via HTTP/3.


Well to be fair, Cloudflare has never said HTTP/3 Server Push was available. Only HTTP/2 Server Push :slight_smile:

Yeah, but the original linked article talks about HTTP/2 & 3, then Server Push. It gives the impression that HTTP/2 is great, but HTTP/3 is even better. And you can do Server Push! Logically, it doesn’t make sense to lose a good feature when moving up a level.

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Yeah could of been worded better :slight_smile:

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