HTTP/2 greyed out

The HTTP/2 setting is greyed out under Network in he dashboard.

Is it not possible to enable this with a free account?

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Mine is greyed out on the free plan but with the toggle set to “on”. cc @cloonan

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Can you post a screenshot of it?

Also, you can test HTTP/2 on your website:

That’s what mine looks like, too. I wonder what the OP’s looks like.

Hi @VDM, once you try the site @sdayman mentioned, let us know if you see HTTP/2. You can also try curl -svo /dev/null to see if you get < HTTP/2 200 in the reply. The best suggestion I’ve seen is to try via the API, HTTP/2 is enabled for all zones but not available to disable via the UI on some zones (I cannot on my free zone, but can on business and enterprise).

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Ok, well this is rather embarressing. Checking my dashboard now, it’s showing ‘On’ and greyed out. I must have misread it earlier. Sorry to waste your time. I appreciate the quick responses. Please ignore me. I think I need more sleep. :sleeping:


Adding a reference link to a capability by plan table,

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