HTTP/2 doesn't work?

I used PageSpeed Insights and found that all data from the server is transmitted over the http/1.1 protocol.

What is the reason for this?

What’s the domain?

Just checked and tested.
Website and it’s resources loads fine at my end - HTTP 200 OK using HTTP/2 (tested with FireFox and Chrome).

Currently Google bot does yet support HTTP/2.

It is announced to support HTTP/2 - if that is also to consider with PageSpeed bot, or it is just the “crawl bot”?

Moreover, it could also be due to using Flexible SSL, which the “bot” for pagespeed would connect over HTTP/1.1 I assume?

Also, could be depending with wich “User agent” does that tool work. Maybe it’s “Chrome test” has older version which does not support HTTP/2?

Maybe some other resources are on lower HTTP, or you have “Oportunistic” option enabled at Cloudflare - this screenshot is report from Google PageSpeed Tool for Mobile report:

I do not see the same results for Desktop report.

Nevertheless, here are the two same tests for desktop report and mobile report using Lighthouse plugin for Google Chrome (latest) and using Google PageSpeed online tool:

Lighthouse - mobile:

Lighthouse - desktop:

Google PageSpeed tool - desktop:

Google PageSpeed tool - mobile:

Keep in mind this article:

I use Full SSL mode. It looks like the robot is actually connecting over http/1.1 and this is strange because I have not seen such errors before.

Hello, I have the same problem. From today Google PageSpeed ​​detects HTTP / 1.1 for the 7 websites that I have with Cloudflare.
What happens?

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