Http/2 403

When I test my blog posts I see Http/2 403 error code on my site You can insert any blog post URL, for example, take this - or I see the Error code http/2 403. I also have created a thread on Google Support community for this when I got the schema and AMP validation error in Google Search Console.

What is this Error? Why I have this problem? Any fix?
I have enabled Http/2 enabled in Cloudflare Pro plan

When I disable Firewall rules I get the issue fixed. So I will have to deal like that only?

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It’s clear that the HTTP/2 is handled by Cloudflare. I don’t have anything other than that to handle https or http.

What rules are you disabling? Do you see the blocked requests on your Cloudflare Dashboard Security tab?

I don’t recognise the “URL Viewer” you are using. Can you share a link?

This tool appears to be trying to pretend to be Googlebot. Most customers block fake bots.

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