HTTP 1.1 Support?

Our organization is considering Cloudflare, either the Business or Enterprise plan. Is there are an option to enable HTTP 1.1? We have an iOS app that does not handle challenges properly if HTTP/2 is enabled. Thanks for any insight.

HTTP 1.1 should be enabled by default to cater legacy clients.

Did you mean, once you enabled HTTP 2, the issue appear?

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Thank you for the feedback. Yes, worked with another cloud WAF previously which did have HTTP/2 on by default. The challenge call did not work until we asked the WAF provider to disable HTTP/2. This resolved the issue

Not sure whether your app will use HTTP/2 by default - if Cloudflare offers both HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2.

What if you modify your app source code to only connect to web servers via HTTP/1.1?

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