"HTML Minification is deprecated and will be removed on 2024-06-14."

Hi All - we are working on communications now - the date may be pushed out but unsure of “reliance” on this as a product. For example code would be sent as is and not stripped of a few bytes. The internet has become more optimised and there is better delivery techniques for content.

Over the coming year we will be working on removing a lot of legacy products that have been untouched and in life support mode. This is preparation work to enhancing our platform.

HTML minification has to run decompression on all assets as it runs on a response we then attempt to run the minification and re-compress the response. This actually adds latency and with better compression methods larger files.

As stated the codebase has been untouched in CF for a long time. We have many threads, bugs and issues where HTML minification is not achieving the results expected and most platforms now incorporating minification.

Sorry this caught you unaware but we are working on communication with customers that have this enabled.


UPDATE 15/05/2024

A quick update here. The message is in the final stages of being prepared for all current users of minification and expected to be sent out this week.

You can see the the thread here set up by Alex the PM for minification: Deprecating Auto Minify