HTML minification breaking RSS feed

We have an ecommerce package and the web site uses Cloudflare. We have some RSS/XML feeds which the client software (ASP.NET scripts) deployed by users connect to for info on latest revisions, etc.

I got some reports that this stopped working.

After a lot of digging, I figured out the problem. It seems that Cloudflare have changed something in HTML minification which breaks the RSS feed. Specifically, it changes the opening XML tags that are camel case, to lower case.

We therefore have a lowercase opening tag, camel case closing tag, and thus the XML document is broken because the tags don’t match.

I have turned off HTML minification for the site, and the feed works again. The correct case is maintained.

To summarise, Cloudflare’s HTML minification is turning this:


into this


Posting in case this is useful to anyone else who has similar issues.

Not sure if Cloudflare would regard this as a bug in HTML minification, but since it does not seem to reduce a file size, I would say that it is, and that it should respect the case of HTML tags.