HTML Interpolation

Shower thought:

It would be cool if CloudFlare offered a means of HTML interpolation through the means of HTML template tags (or another method if there is a better alternative). What I’m thinking is, on the CF dashboard there could be a page where you could create key-value records which are then used to insert content into the HTML through some kind of template tagging system. This would be beneficial to those of us who host our content on static providers such as GitHub Pages where there is no means of dynamically inserting content. Moreover, these tags could have an associated glob-like pattern to define exactly which URLs they should be used for.

Regarding caching, what I would propose is that when tags are added/modified, the associated URLs to that tag are invalidated from the cache.

I am aware you could do this with workers and I understand CloudFlare not wanting to implement this on that basis, but I thought I’d share nonetheless.