Html getting minified, optimization settings are off?

My source html (on my git repository) is non-minified checked by both de online IDE and by cloning the repo to my desktop.

After deploying my repository to Cloudflare pages, the whole HTML is minified (this is visible in the browser inspector, by turning of pretty print in the source viewer).

This causes CSS syntax to go bad.

All optimization checkboxes for the settings on the Speed tab > Optimizatioon (JavaScript/CSS/HTML) are turned off. Also, I’ve purged the cache completely (almost a 1000 times).

I’m really out of options here. Can anyone explain how to stop this behavior?


Both the Cloudflare cache and browser cache?

100% sure.
I build websites for a living, so I’m absolutely sure on this part.
Just haven’t worked with cloudflare before.

It seems that there’s some sort of ‘obligated’ minification by Cloudflare going on if you don’t deploy minified files yourself. I’ve put the website into developer mode (which essentially disables all forms of caching, but still this behaviour persists).

I’ve managed to fix some of my problems by actually deploying pre-minified HTML. I cannot find any documentations on this, so I cannot explain why this happens, but it works.

However, the separate CSS files still get minified. For example:
width: calc(100% + 0px + 0px);
gets turned into:
width: calc(100%+0px+0px);

Just noticed this is for Pages, I’ve not used that in anger so will leave it to someone else to take a look. I’ve never seen any issues turning off minification for externally hosted pages.