HTML & CSS don't load at the same time


I have an error when loading site. It seems like the HTML & CSS don’t load at the same time, it makes the broken site.
Could you see at this video screenshot link at 00:08 seconds

I got this error in the near time during it doesn’t appear in the previous time.
I used the Cloudfare & WP Rocket plugin for cache
If someone could tell me what’s wrong that you would really nice!

A huge thank you from me in advance!

I don’t see anything that seems broken. At worst, it’s lazy-loading the images, so items don’t show up until you scroll down to them and there is a slight delay.

Browser console is showing no serious errors, except for a warning that “Use of Mutation Events is deprecated. Use MutationObserver instead.”

It does not look like Cloudflare is interfering with what your server is presenting. If you want to check to be sure, you can set your “demo” subdomain to :grey: in DNS, then wait five minutes for it to take effect, then test your site in Cloudflare-Bypass mode.

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