HTML Auto Minify

Hello, I had HTML Auto Minify turned on in my Cloudflare panel. But HTML minify is not working. Why is this not working?


Css and js files have been minified successfully. But the HTML is not minified. Here is the domain:

Your HTML code appears to be minified. Cloudflare won’t drop new-lines, though.


Minified HTML

$ curl | grep charset
<meta charset="utf-8">

against the original one

$ curl --connect-to ::SERVER | grep charset
                <meta charset="utf-8">
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I couldn’t understand what this is. I don’t know much about curl, sandro :frowning: When I look at my website with view-source, I can’t see that the HTML has been shrunk.

I am afraid that’s not correct. Cloudflare dropped all whitespace, except for new-lines. has all on that.

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Why not a single line?

You might be connecting to the server instead of Cloudflare.

What’s the output of these commands?


Oh right. The server IP address appears in my hosts file. I’ve just corrected. But as I said why doesn’t it shrink in one line.

Because that’s not how it works. Refer to the posted link.

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