.htaccess redirects non www to www


Good afternoon,
We have been testing the domain for some time now and we have noticed a couple of bugs which we are looking at resolutions for…

currently we have a site which we are in the process of developing and we can access the site when we DO NOT use the www. in the domain, if we add it in the site will not load.

This means that when we add the www. redirect which we have used on every other project we manage that the site will not load and this is most frustrating.

So the question we have is why with a newly registered domain are we having issues with the the domain not being able to use the www.

If we swap our DNS records to using and the site loads without any issues what so ever.


Sorry i forgot to load in the reference of our connection info…


That’s…amazing! DNS just reports an IP address, so the .htaccess behavior surprises me. It makes me think there’s a problem with DNS for the www address. What’s the domain?


The core domain we have closed off now as we are working on a new method for staging our clients design sites.

The second domain that we are working on now does not flag this issue, so Odd is a good way to describe what happened. i will see if i can reproduce it with a domain i can release to the public without stepping on a clients toes.