.htaccess file

Hello everyone I am getting this message when I check my site health in all my wordpress sites with cloudflare.
Your .htaccess file does not contain all recommended security headers.
• HTTP Strict Transport Security
• Content Security Policy: Upgrade Insecure Requests
• X-XSS protection
• X-Content Type Options
• Referrer-Policy
• Expect-CT
the rest of my site health is perfect,
Does anyone know if this is a problem with Cloudflare or with my hosting provider,
Thanks in advance and Stay Safe, Victor

Hi @victorinspain,

These headers are usually set at your host, and that is where the .htaccess they mentioned is. You can add them using a Cloudflare Worker, but it’s generally easier to just do it on your server.

Thanks Domjh for your speedy reply I will contact my hosting company tomorrow and see if they will do it.
Thank you and stay safe. Cheers Victor

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