Htaccess file question

I manage several domains and website at GoDaddy. Before I was using any SSL or Cloudflare, I had a rather large .htaccess file for each domain for the purposes of blocking IP Addresses IP and Address blocks, mostly from countries and continents outside the U.S. The blocking was to reduce the spammers filling in and abusing contact forms on the websites. It worked fairly well. However, once I started converting the site to HTTPS via Cloudflare, the .thaccess data stopped being effective and the rest of the world could get to the websites. I noticed a return of spamming for each site once they were converted to HTTPS. GoDaddy agrees. The htaccess files are still with each website but not working because traffic goes through Cloudflare. Is there any way to restore the blocking? Thanks

If you are saying you rely on Cloudflare for HTTPS and have no certificate on your server, you have a security issue in the first place. Your site needs to work fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare.

You are most likely not rewriting IP addresses and need to follow this article

However, if you don’t have a secure site, you really should focus first on fixing your site.

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