HSTS Preload error

First of all, I’d like to express my humble gratitude to @domjh for this awesome tutorial. Everything is working as expected for my domain msrumon.com. However, I get HSTS preload error according to HSTS Preload List Submission, as shown below:

As I understand, I’ve followed all the steps of that tutorial. Below are the DNS records:

And below is the configuration:

Can someone point me out what I’ve missed? Thanks in advance.

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Can you check if there’s anything blocked by the firewall?

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Nothing too serious happening there to my understanding. Just one rule to block all requests from a particular country and Bot Fight Mode is enabled.

Can you check the Firewall events by filter by these user agents:


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Lots of events:

I don’t understand what this means.

Bot Fight Mode is blocking hstspreload.org from probing your website.

You need to turn off Bot Fight Mode.


I really appreciate that, thank you - I’m glad you found it helpful!


Yes you’re right! I turned off Bot Fight Mode and I got success message. Then I turned it back on and I get the same error message. Now I’m concerned about this:

msrumon.com is now pending inclusion in the HSTS preload list!

Please make sure that msrumon.com continues to satisfy all preload requirement, or it will be removed. Please revisit this site over the next few weeks to check on the status of your domain.

How can I satisfy the above while keeping the Bot Fight Mode turned on?

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That’s a good question :rofl:

For now, Bot Fight Mode only has two modes: On or Off. You can’t bypass the Bot Fight Mode for a specific user agent.

Fantastic! What will I miss if I keep that off?

Some of the bot traffic might not able to block without turning this on. But yeah, false positives will be introduced too with this turned on.

We just need the opposite of this:

Instead of blocking, just add the option to blacklist/whitelist the user agents. One single option to eliminate this entire limitation. How about that?

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