Hsts and a change in domain registrar

my server was setup to use hsts preloaded for one month and i transfered my domian to cloudflare to be my registrar. now my clients can reach the site. i disabled hsts and flushed my dns records at home , allowing me access to the server but clients are complaining they cant reach the site. ive been guiding them to unplug there network equipment for 10 mins but some clients are still having trouble. anyone know a cookie cutter approach ?

Whats the domain?

HSTS Preload is stored in the visitor’s browser. Users would have to clear their browser’s data for your domain to get past this if your site is no longer running HTTPS.

But if your website is set up to use HTTPS, that shouldn’t be a problem.

now my clients CANT reach the site.

Hi @daveftw84,

As @sandro asked, can you share the domain?

Also, as @sdayman said, is your site running HTTPS now?

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