HPE ILO through Cloudflare Tunnel

Has anyone managed to access HPE ILO 4 via a Cloudflare Tunnel?

The ILO main dashboard loads but pretty much nothing else works due to CSP violations.

Any tips appreciated.

After some time I decided to revisit this and got it working.

  1. Configure the tunnel as you would, pointing to your ILO origin
  2. Configure Zero Trust application access rules if desired (highly recommended)
  3. Create the following rule:

The Value should be

default-src https: 'unsafe-inline' data: 'unsafe-eval' ; connect-src 'self' wss://ilo2.geekzone.co.nz;

A. Replace the hostname in the incoming request condition with your sub-domain
B. Replace wss://ilo2.geekzone.co.nz in the header with your sub-domain but keep the protocol.

Access to your ILO 4 sub-domain, including the HTML5 remote access, should work now.

PS. Make sure WebSocket is enabled for your zone:

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