Howto use Tor exit list as DOS tool against cloudflare customers

i don’t know if this is intended but as soon as a IP is listed there Cloudflare does display captchas no matter if there is traffic comming from that IP or not.
After some playing with this i got it so far that there was for some time many of the AFTR Gateways, of my ISP listed, while exit from the Tor network were never possible you guys blocked access to many Cloudflare site anyway. Currently the support Forum of my ISP get flooded with why there are captchas displayed everywhere. Because the IP user ratio there 1 to <100 you can effect tenthousends of user with nearly no effort.

Could you please rethink simple scraping some 3rd party list without checking? If there is the complete IPv4 Space listed for a short time, you will get some very unhappy customers.

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