Howto error 521 after getting DNS valid, SSL library error

Hello, please help or advize ?
Have registed dns validation, got error 521 for all domains.
tried - generated a free TLS certificate signed by Cloudflare to install on your origin server.
Put to my virtual host, still same errror. Must I return old ns reccords too?
My old pem certs ends, these were in vhost file.
Switchind to Gloudflare dns what changes I must do in apache (Windows) server ?

It looks like is grey-clouded right now, so we can test the origin’s connection:

➜  ~ nc -zv 80
nc: connectx to port 80 (tcp) failed: Connection refused
➜  ~ nc -zv 443
Connection to port 443 [tcp/https] succeeded!

It looks like port 443 (HTTPS) is working just fine and Port 80 is closed. If you are seeing HTTP 521 that implies perhaps Cloudflare is using your HTTP port incorrectly - check your SSL setting on Cloudflare and choose Full Strict SSL:

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Thank you !

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