How would I find the Cloudflare proxy URI for my proxied domain?


We have been using Cloudflare across three domains for a couple months now, and so far everything is working well.

However we have one situation where we need to access the cloudflare proxied resource from within a corporate network which runs the same domain internally, split horizon dns.

I’ve seen a post which made a great deal of sense, and which suggested creating a cname record internally pointing at the cloudflare proxy address for the site. What doesn’t work (for us anyway) is the proxied address.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

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Proxied address would be in the format: -> CNAME ->

If that isn’t working what happens/what error do you receive?


Hi there,

Thank you for the quick response.

The error we receive is along the lines :-

Error 1001Ray ID: 4bb8e2f3cddf3c65 • 2019-03-22

The only real difference with your example (which was the one I found previously) is that our cname is of the format

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The host header being passed is in that request… that won’t work (can’t just type that in a browser window). The DNS entry resolves to a Cloudflare IP, but the host header being sent by the browser is



Thank you so much -

I added the cname record pointing to and everything works.

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