How would CPU time be counted for Workers with Service Binding?

I have 2 workers, a “Cron Worker” and a “Computation Worker”. Cron Worker is doing cron job, and inside the job it fetches “Computation Worker” to do some computation.

The documentation says:

Workers connected to one another via Service bindings share the CPU resources of the top-level request. A single thread is allocated and reused amongst these Workers. This means no idle resources are wasted while work is performed across various Workers.

  • In this case how does the CPU time for each worker calculated?
  • Are their CPU time calculated separately despite using the same CPU and resource?
  • Also, before using the service binding, I used to be able to see “Past Cron Events” for the “Cron Worker” which contains the “CPU time (ms)” value. After the binding, the “Past Cron Events” can only be seen in the “Computation Worker” which is confusing or even a bug?