How works DDoS protection from Cloudflare?

Hi There,

I have small company and I want protect my offices from DDoS attacks.

But i did not find answer to my question on the site.
I can move all my domains to Cloudflare for buy ddos protection?
If my domains currently located on Azure DNS how I can protect using Cloudflare?

You can’t, you need to use Cloudflare as DNS manager.

Yes, you can.

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Thank you for your answer!

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Is it required condition (move all domains to Cloudflare and then buy ddos protection)?
Is it possible to protect from ddos without moving?

You need to have your DNS hosted on Cloudflare (so your nameserver defns will be changed to point to Cloudflare) but the domains don’t need to be actually registered with Cloudflare.

Once domains have their DNS managed on Cloudflare, turning on services is normally just a click here and a click there. Easy peasy.

If you have a substantial budget, Cloudflare might be able to help you out. Otherwise you need to move all your domains to Cloudflare and alter decide whether to upgrade your account or not.