How will this expression behave if I implemented it?

Hi, can someone tell me how this expression will behave if I implemented it?

Expression: ( eq “CN” and not or ( eq “RU” and not

Action: Captch

It depends on what you mean by behave :slight_smile: … what are you expecting it will do?

if someone from china + non known bot access my site he has to face captca.
same for russia

It will do that, yes.

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It will not set some absurd requirement like being from both china and russia, right?

Nope :slight_smile:

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Expression: ( eq “KG” and not
Action: Captch

Hi, I want to make sure that when someone from KG visit my site and he is NOT known bot, he face captch.
Will this captcha have same effect?

Yeah, the parenthesis are not necessary, though, if it’s just that.

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