How We Can Disable IPV6 Compatibility In Cloudflare?

I want to disable ipv6 and don’t want to use pseudo ipv4. So i am not able to turn of ipv6. I found some solutions like api. But not understand that how to use them.

So please help me to turn off it

On the Free plan you cannot disable IPv6.

Can I Disable Cloudflare Completely From One Specific Page. Because If We Can Disable Cloudflare From One Page Then I don’t Need To Turn Off IPV6

Not for a page, only for hostnames. You can unproxy whichever hostname you want in your DNS settings.

Means now i can’t disable ipv6 for all pages or one page. & Can’t disable Cloudflare for one page ?

You cannot disable IPv6 in general. All you can do is to unproxy certain DNS records, in which case it will go straight to your server.

I Can’t Understand, I am new please guide

Toggle whichever DNS record you don’t want to have an IPv6 address to :grey: and it will resolve to your actual address and not Cloudflare. In that way you won’t have IPv6 but you won’t use Cloudflare either.

#Tutorials has more on editing DNS records as well.

How can i find any dns for the specific, for which i want to disable ipv6 ?

That is something you need to know. You simply unproxy the DNS record for which you want to disable Cloudflare. You need to check your DNS settings for that.

I can’t access dns from cloudflare, because of siteground. only can access from there. maybe there is no proxy option…

Most likely. You need to do this on their end. You best contact your host for that.

Wanna one advice please, should we use www or not ? i am confused about mine one blog

It doesn’t matter. However in a partner setup you’ll always have to use “www”. But then you seem to not want to use Cloudflare for certain things, so the proxied argument won’t matter too much either.

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Means i am using siteground which is a partner of cf. so if i don’t use www it doesn’t matter ? means is it good ?

It depends on what you exactly want.

what i will loss if i use cloudflare without www in partner setup. what are the disadvantages

if i use cf wthout www, then cloudflare don’t work ?

Sure, if you disable Cloudflare, Cloudflare won’t work.

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My recommendation would be just leave it as it is and do not be concerned by IPv6.

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