How to write re-direct rule for forwarding www to non-www


Can someone assist me with writing a re-direct rule for forwarding from* to$1 ?

We currently have this as a page rule and it works fine, but want to transition it to a re-direct rule.


Copy this example…

Hi, sorry, I did look at that page but couldn’t figure it out.

So, I should do -

“Custom filter expression”
Field = ??? ← which do I choose?
Operator = “equals”
Vaule = “*
Type = “Dynamic” ??? ← dynamic or static?
URL = “htttps://$1”
Status code = “301”
leave “Preserver query string” un-checked ???

Is the above correct?



Copy the example exactly as it is shown, only replacing with and replace with

TYVM. It works.

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