How to Whitelist My New Fixed/Static IP

Hi! My new IP must be on a blacklist somewhere because I am getting tons of Cloudflare Captchas and those are just not working.

The ones I can take will send me back to take them again and again (even if I click on all boats and bycicles, it’s always that one).

The ones I can’t take (because it’s just keeps trying to validate me) keep reloading the page, then revalidating, then reloading.

The same sites work normally when I use a VPN, but I don’t want to use a VPN to browse.

I had the previous IP for three years without issues, but my ISP changed my IP two weeks ago (new modem and plan). I can’t find myself on any public blacklist.

I installed the Privacy Pass extension in hopes it would help, but the problem persists.

Besides the annoyance of facing those captchas, I can’t get approved by them, no matter what I do, with or without anti adblockers running.

I hope someone can shed a light and give me advice on how I can provide my IP (privately, of course) to Cloudflare, so I am validated and able to browse and open those sites. It started with one site, but now I am getting more and more sites I can’t open without a VPN (I am in The Netherlands, so my location should not be the issue either). :sob:


Which sites are you seeing Captchas on? The site owner gets to choose their Firewall security level in their Cloudflare dashboard, and they can sometimes set it too high for no particular reason

Is your IP address flagged by, and/or anything on here ?

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Hi! Thanks for your reply @soldier_21!

No, it’s not in any of those lists. Yes, I thought that some of those sites likely had their security level too high.

Since it’s a static IP and I am using it since two weeks ago, I’d really like to have a way to validate myself with Cloudflare so I am on a whitelist. I don’t share my internet access with anybody and I am the only user, so it would make sense for me to not have restrictions when browsing, specially considering I work on line almost all my waking hours.

Now, even with those high levels, IPs used by VPNs are not facing the same issue, which is quite weird, because they’re usually the first to be flagged. :worried:

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