How to whitelist multiple IP's?

I tried adding multiple IP’s but seperating them by comma’s in the firewall app, however, it did not seem to work. Can anybody please enlighten me :)?

Thanks in advance!

Do you mean IP access rules or firewall rules? For the latter you can use the is in operator.

Thanks for your reply! Really appreciated :).

I am not that tech savvy, but I will try to explain my situation as clear as possible.
I am using another CDN for Webp images. However, they do not come through because I think Cloudflare might block the IP’s of my other CDN provider.
Therefore, I would like to whitelist the IP’s of my other CDN provider.

I seperated IP’s by commas and tried list in operator. However I get the following screen:

Thanks for your reply in advance :)!

Assuming that CDN does not connect through Cloudflare (but then you want to download from the CDN, not upload), Cloudflare cannot block them.

What’s the domain and what are the links which are of your concern?

No, that cannot work. You need to add the addresses individually.

But again, you probably do not need to allowlist anything in the first place.

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